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Rugged RaceAce Dual Antenna
Always have race communications! Rugged introduces the RaceAce switch able dual antenna. The RaceAce provides the best in communications with a 5/8 wave Ground Plane antenna and a ½ wave No Ground Plane antenna with the exclusive Rugged Switch Box.

Go the distance with the 5/8 wave antenna mounted on a roof with a good ground plane. The 5/8 antenna supplies superior transmission wave pattern from front to back and side to side. Mounted on a proper 3’ by 3’ or larger ground plane (roof) the 5/8 wave antenna will transmit further than ¼ wave and ½ wave antennas.

In the event of a roll over or the roof mount antenna is broken off simply switch the Rugged Switch Box to antenna 2. Let the low mounted ½ wave no ground plane antenna take control. The ½ wave no ground plane antenna does not require a large roof surface so they can be mounted in a lower protected position.

Rugged keeps you connected even when the race takes a tough turn!​


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Hey Chris...trick much? I understand the cables are customized but is there a base price for the switch and antennas?
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