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Rugged Radios is proud to announce the new Bell BR.1. Designed for the next generation of racer, the BR-1 combines futuristic styling and all-purpose performance. The Bell BR.1 has been SNELL SA2010 rated. The BR.1 features a lightweight composite shell, leading-edge styling, aero front lip and a large eye port. The standard BR.1 is sold in the rear vent configuration (Top Picture) featuring a Venturi air exchange system. As air flows over the helmet, the Venturi effect increases cooling inside the helmet and prevents the shield from fogging by creating a vacuum that pulls airflow through the helmet. The BR.1's rear facing chin bar vents and top vent provide ventilation while preventing dirt and dust from entering the helmet. Thanks to the versatility of the BR.1, racers no longer have to choose between a side forced air or top forced air model. By installing either the side (Left or Right) forced air or top forced air kit, the BR.1 becomes a full ventilation forced air helmet.The BR.1 is pre-drilled for use with head and neck restraint devices.

BR.1 Basic = $439.00

BR.1 Forced Air = $469.00

BR.1 Wired & Forced Air = $525.00

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