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X5500 Mobile Radio

The New Rugged X5500 on the fly programmable chase radio package. End the cross talk problem with out using a computer to reprogram. The X5500 is the only mobile radio available with the entire 150-170 channels band preprogrammed into the radio. Simply select your race channel with the key pad hand mic or reprogram to another frequency.

Built on a powerful 55 watt chassis the X5500 gives you the distance to stay in touch with your race team. Standard features include programmable 200 channel bank, Alpha-Numeric display, loud top firing speaker, narrow or wide band, and CTCSS/DSC programmable privacy tones.

Simply connect the X5500 to 12V, install antenna, and select your channel. The X5500 is the easy on the fly programmable race or chase radio.

Chase Kit $369.00​

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