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The best thing is just buy a used tie rod on one of the forums for maybe $20 and then re align the front end.

If you have some cash it is well worth $250 to replace your stock tie rods with heavy duty tie rods. This link will show you all that are out there along with prices. I had the Holz tie rods and rely like them because you can keep you boots on but with some of the others you might not be able to keep them on so easy. Then again the Heim joint on the inside (like a big ball joint) is not as strong as the other U joints that are bigger.

Thread with all the available tie rods

You can also spend a little more like $500 and get a heavy duty rack in pinion (steering rack) from Wicked called a Rackzilla and it comes with Heavy Duty tie rods with Heim joints. This is also well worth the money if you can swing it.

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bent rack

If the rack itself is bent then you need to replace the entire rack and pinion assembly.
When mine bent in the dunes it broke the heim joint in my tie rod end. I replaced it with a rackzilla which included new tie rod assemblies.

There is now also available a plate to strengthen the mounting of the rack and pinion.
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