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The battery in my 2017 Commander XTP 1000 had died (or at least I thought it had). I bought and installed a new battery. After several weeks, the Commander wouldn't start again after sitting in my garage for a week. I though maybe the wiring for the Bazooka ATV tube had a short and was drawing power off the battery. I removed the battery and trickle charged it back to full power (12 v). I reinstalled the battery and the Commander sat in my garage for several days. I then check to see if it would start, and without hesitation, it started right up. I pulled the Commanded out of the garage to do some yard work. When I attempted to restart it... click, click, click... dead battery (or I thought). I put a meter to it and had 12v... WTH?? I grabbed my marine battery (12 v) and jumped the Commander. Again, it started right up. I checked the battery while it was running and had 14.4 v (so it should be charging). So if my Commander battery has 12 v registering on the meter but won't start but will start if I jump it with another battery what can this issue be?
Any asistance will be greatly appreciated for I have a big ride this weekend.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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