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I did a quick search and could not find the answers to these questions.

In South Africa the Commander is only available from December :furious:

I am looking to do some serious offroad type racing and the Commander is going to be my weapon of choice :) Therefore the following questions.

1) Which of the long travel suspensions ( TCB or Holz ) do you guys recommend and what length- +3; +4?

2) Which shocks are best: Elka or Fox ?

3) If you plan on doing the suspension upgrade, which model Commander do you buy to save some money?

4) Is the standard 1000x roll cage strong enough or do you need to do an upgrade if you are going to do rally-type racing?

5) If you do the exhaust system, does it improve top end speed?

I will really appreciate some feedback.


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Hi there Kobus, very nice to have you with us :wavespin:

In regards to the suspension, not a whole lot of feedback on systems yet since the machine is so new. I am sure in time we are going to see a lot of the usual names coming up with systems, TCB, Holz, FST, LTI, XMF, SDR, ect. If it were me, I would likely look at a +4".

Shocks, everyone will likely have their own opinions on these, I happen to really like my King shocks. A lot of people really like the Fox and Elka's as well.

As far as saving money, all the Commanders use the same arms for the suspension, the only difference is the Fox shocks on the Commander X model.

About the cage, regardless of the Commander model you choose, they all use the same ROPS certified cage. Will this be acceptable for racing, depends what the guidelines are for the racing you are doing.

Exhaust, I would say you probably will not see a greater top-end speed, if you do, it will be a very small increase. Will you gain performance, yes, will you run cooler, yes. Clutching will get you a higher top-end.

Hope that helps.

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