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If anyone is able to install TapaTalk Pro on their Droid, please post how you did unable to install today.....when I go to buy at $2.99, next screen converts it to $3.22 / HK$25.00......Hong Kong way to convert back to US dollars....won't process thru my credit card company.....long story.....maybe TapaTalk got hacked??..........good luck and post up if you can purshase.....Thanx, Lance
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Let me look into it for you...sounds odd, however, I have had it for a while with no issues.
Thanx the android market, last Thursday there was a Tapatalk by Tapa Development offered....Friday it was gone and only the one by Quoord is offered....then my story begins in post #1 trying to purchase it Saturday.......

Wasn't a total lost ordeal tho.....found out Honk Kong currency is about 7.8 times our US money.....WHOOPEE DEE!!!!
So is it looking legit now? I sent you a link to their site which has alternative links to purchase the program so that is another option. The one from Quoord is the one you want...I seem to remember in the beginning the free version showed from TapaTalk Development, however, cannot be sure.

Just ordered and went thru like a champ....quessing the site was being worked on Saturday when I tried to order as the purchase price and screens were different.....Lance

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If you do not want it to post "Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk" you can go into the settings and change it or even disable it.

Personally, I disabled it.

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