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Thanksgiving in Maine

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Will be heading to Maine to pickup my X on the 19th and hopefully if they don't get any snow spead my holiday week riding the trails in the northern part of the state.

It will be a bit cold but I'm sure it will be worth it. The ATV trails in Maine are open until the first "significant" snowfall then they are closed for the winter snowmobile season.

Any "northerners" out there?
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Pelletier island on long lake ST. Agatha perhaps?
Sorry I took so long to see your post

My grandparents on my fathers side(Paradis) raised 18 children in St.Agatha. My mom's side(Babin) are from Fort Kent.We moved to CT. when I was 5. I love the Valley. I come up to ride snowmobiles every winter. Now I will be coming up to ride the commander. When I picked up my ride at Fort Kent ski-doo I rode to lake view for lunch. It was a cool but clear day and as I ate my lunch I could see Pelletier Island . What a beautiful Lake. DO you still live in the Valley? I hope we can meet. It would be great to ride sometime. I am having a hard time to check out your video. When I go to the link I get some other video. Not sure if I am doing it right. If it is not to much trouble could you link some of your vids. The fellow members seem to really like your work. My son -in -law is at Fullsail in Orlando and he is studying photography and videography and he is an off-road nut. I cant wait to get him up here on the Commander. With his help I will try to post some videos of our rides in the great north woods.Merry Christmas and I hope to hear from you soon
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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