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The First X sold in Maine

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I picked up the X today from Fort Kent Ski-Doo up in Northern Maine. It's been a long wait. I ordered it in July. It arrived in late October and I couldn't pick it up until yesterday when I was finally able to get out of the puzzle palace and head up to Maine to take delivery.

According to my dealer it is the first X sold in the state of Maine !!!!

Here is picture I took after we unloaded it from the trailer.
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Congrats on finally being able to pick it up....hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we have....I know the feeling on waiting exactly five months. but to us it was worth the wait!!!!....:)...Barbara
Now get off of the computron and get riding John!........Lance
Now get off of the computron and get riding John!........Lance
I would have gone riding today but we ended up having a snowstorm but hopefully we will get out riding in the next day or 2.
The snow stopped and yesterday my son and I took it for a ride up in Northern Maine. It was a bit chilly (27 degrees) but the ride more than made up for the cold !!!!!

Below is a link to a quick video from the ride.

Thanks for the Vid...have fun!!!
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