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hey guys i know recently some of you have read about the new plates i am going to offer for these clutches, and i have made it my goal to sell each one of the commander clutches with this plate included rather than sell the original plates with the clutch anymore. all of the owners of the original plate are perfectly fine, the new plate is just stronger and will handle more power. as i have stated already, this plate has already handled 140+hp and 190+lb/ft of torque thru a turbo'd 1000cc engine on a side-by-side so i feel pretty sure it can handle all your needs! making 10 if these plates at a time i have $241 in each plate, that is without any overhead or time. thats just materials and cost to manufacture the plate and harden it. if i had to add in the time to keep the machine running or lights on these plates would be even more expensive. i am working out the best deal i can and trying to get the plates made in super bulk so i can get them cheaper. i want to offer them with every clutch and not have to go up on the price of the clutch, which is going to be hard, but i am working my best on trying to get the costs down without reducing any of the reliability. these plates add nearly 600% more surface area to the slider which is the part that is prone to breaking on the high horsepower high compression motors. the splate is shearing thru the sliders at the narrowest point. so this plate adds tons more surface area to each slider, and encases the slider to give the slider more surface contact patch to reduce any potential for breakage on high power engines.

below is a picture of the factory plate and my upgraded sliders, and the new plate.

original plate and sliders

new upgraded plate

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