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Western Beach Race has opened up *to Side by Sides / UTV / SSV / *& RAGE*
This year something special happened when the event organisers at western were thinking about future Sports.
as you know, a bad taste was left in their mouths, after a (point to prove) dim Witt, *compromised *their duty of care to a participant,*
*They allowed the owner through their event staff marshals , to approach a purpose built *blind decent at an unsafe velocity, resulting in a catastrophic crash, the RZR owner narrowly escaped with his life.
To add insult to injury the vehicle was left on site for all to see, irreparably damaging the image of the side by sides in the Uk.

After the expert advice from a time and time again proven acu organisation,*Nora-MX Quad Club *(Chris Murphy)*
Westerns Willingness *to open up the doors to side by side's, *Has brought a breath of adrenaline fuelled fire to the podium.

Given that new releases from Manufactures such as *Can Am and Polaris, integrating pro-active safety technologies into their vehicles,*
Have bolstered this firm decision to allow 2 races on *friday the 7th of october.
the races will take place at 12pm and 3pm and will consist of 1 hour per race ,*
This will integrate a mandatory pit stop, (air filter)! Ect.
the cost of the day entry is £150
entry interest can be forwarded [email protected] or*Nora-MX Quad Club <[email protected]>*Chris Murphy or visit*Nora Mx ACU Quad Racing Club British
a minimum no of entries have been set to 20 vehicles ,*

2011 will see the way forward for the SSV owner, *become an iconic part of a legendary Experience. ( Western Beach Race)
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