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What would you do if we LOST our OHV or riding areas to the Enviromentlist
This is happening on a daily basis....

In reality there are more OHVers then Enviromentalist it's just they have a cause and they want us OUT...NO MORE MOTORIZED RECREATION

Is this happening in you favorite area?

it may not be now, but I'm sure in the future it will happen

OHVers lets unite as one and fight to take back our Public Lands before it's to late

Us up here in the northwest (ODNRA) dunes are going thru this with the FS
same as Glade in New Mexico, Utah, Yellowstone...these are just a few..

Just check out BRC to see how much more area we are losing DAILY

BlueRibbon Coalition: Protecting your recreational access to public lands.

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Most of our freedoms have already been lost...We would prolly just be out-laws and ride baby ride...We prolly broke 100 laws to-day...Looks like they are making criminals of us all...and doing a way-fine job...did they lock those 5 year olds up yet... for selling kool-ade with-out a permit...any-way Drugs, guns and hookers are outlawed....but you would never know the same will prolly go when they outlaw riding your will never know it...ride baby ride...
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