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Hi all, my first post here on this site, just got my 800XT last week.its going to be hell waiting until May 15th for trails to open to get this out lol, Anyways I have lived in Maine my entire life, grew up just south of Greenville in a town called Abbot Village. There is I want to say well over 20,000 miles of atv trails in Maine, if not more,and actually just south of Bangor is one of the newest trails. It is called the sunrise trail, it goes from ellsworth to calais, its all rail bed. And there a bunch of trails that branch off this. Also the rangley area has hundreds of miles in the western part of the state. Central maine area and bingham area has trails that go everywhere. From Solon Maine you can go all the way to The Forks Jackman , from there can go to Rockwood, Greenville, Kingsbury and back to solon, or go to Kokadjo, and from there can reach over to Carabou if you want, its really endless.I havn't even been on them all. Dirttrax tv actually did an episode on the bingham greenville area. Any way, Welcome to Maine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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